East Side Stories

The night of a truce in East L.A., seconds after a drive-by shooting, a Clarence gangmember is hit by fire from an automatic weapon. He survived. Boyle Heights.
Porky and Pony from Marianna Maravilla gang, East Los Angeles
Funeral of two-and-a-half-year-old Thomas Regalado III, East Los Angeles.
Mike Estrada holds a photo of his father who is in prison. Boyle Heights
Third Street Sheriff’s Station, East Los Angeles.
The morning after a rival gang tried to shoot Chivo for the fourth time. Chivo teaches his daughter how to hold a .32-caliber pistol. Her mother looks on. Boyle Heights.
Popeye from Evergreen checks his .45 automatic before getting dressed for the day.
Herberto in maximum security at California Youth Authority.
Frankie gives Gyro a haircut, while Spanky plays with a toy gun. They are getting ready to look for a job. Boyle Heights
Quiles family at home: Ramiro and Danny from Marianna, with their mother Aida, and sister Maria. East Los Angeles.
Boyle Heights, CA 1993
Silent, Chivo, Scoob Dog, and Penguin from Evergreen show off their hardware.
Members of Florencia 13 gang outside school, South Centra
Husky from Evergreen with a homegirl from another neighborhood.